About Us

Definition of belamour (bel.a.mour) n. Loved one.

Belamour is inspired by our loved ones, built for yours. 

A lifetime of experience 

Meet Alexander Wanner, Owner of Belamour Homes

Growing up in the tiny town of Torquay, Saskatchewan, from a young age I followed in my father’s footsteps pursuing a passion for all things construction and craftsmanship. This lifelong dedication has molded my mind and given me a deep understanding of the building process and how every step affects the next.

And because I believe quality matters at every step, I’m known for being a bit particular (okay, a bit might be an understatement). My eye for detail and drive for perfection is what led me to start Wanner Construction and now Belamour Homes.

I’ve had the pleasure of building and renovating many amazing homes over the last 13 years, but it’s always the connection I maintain with my clients that leaves me with such a strong sense of humility and pride. The common thread between my clients has been that each of them desired quality that wasn’t about boasting but about providing a beautiful life, a beautiful home for their loved ones.

I built my first home for my own loved ones. They inspire my dedication to building homes that last and creating a legacy in our community in which the name Belamour is synonymous with adding value to your home, ease to your mind, and the feeling of living beautifully with your loved ones.

Speaking of my loved ones, I share a beautiful life with my wife, Beth, daughter, Ruby, and our pup, Ella. We’ve been proud to call Regina home for over a decade.

Alexander Wanner